Event Log

2017-2018 Season.
We are meeting every Sunday at 10am. and sometimes on Saturdays also.
We are not updating event logs
Jan 15 2018 we had a special guest – Mr. Guzman is a professional Engineer and had worked his entire career in industries like LCRA and other water related agencies.
we talked with him about our project idea and got a lot of good feedback as well as we understood the amount of work that goes into water quality by the agencies.

2016-2017 logs

Team meeting. Went over the rules, points, challenge etc.
Emailed Rancher and confirmed availability.
Brainstormed project ideas.
worked on robot program.
Team meeting. The Westwood kids came to mentor and gave us great suggestions(Thanks, Westwood!).

Field trip to Mr. Hammond’s ranch. He talked to us about animal/ human interactions. Some of us had fun playing with the dogs.
Tharun and Anushka worked on research, while the rest of the team was at a BEST meeting.
Tharun and Anushka went to Tharun’s house to work on research. Rest of the team was at a BEST meeting.
The entire team started to work on a design for an arm for the robot and continued to research.
The team finished the arm and continued research. The team briefly discussed a robot design.
The team continued to discuss robot design and attempted to implement a design. Finalized general research. Afterward, the team had an epic Nerf war.
11/20/16 – 11/23/16
The team met over the break and started working on the robot design and missions. Thought about which animal to do the project on.  Began to work on the product.
11/26/16- 11/27/16
The team continued to work on the robot design and shark mission. Continued to work on the product. On the 27th decided to work on pollinators.
The team met and worked on the robot.  Started over on product and began thinking of better product ideas for the new topic.
Worked on new solution and project along with the robot. Finalized shark mission.
Finished project and solution. Worked on other missions.
12/21/16 – 12/23/16
Finalized project and solution after getting group input, worked on missions.
12/26/16, 12/28/16, and 12/30/16
Worked on various missions. Almost finished building and dispensing the food.
Worked on the robot. Tried food dispensing, but found flaws.
Built “The Dispenser”. Typed the script and updated website.
The robot fell apart and we rebuilt it. We tried to do Run 3 where we did the dog mission half- successfully. It only worked when the blind man looked away.
Tried to do various runs.
Met after school to do skit practice.
Learned how to do various team roles such as box holder. Tried to do the bee mission and shark mission.
1/24/17-1/26/17 – Meeting daily to iron out code.
Yay, 2 days to the tournament. 


Got together, just messed around with pieces as a creative outlet and ended up building Hornet v2.
Continued to work on backup robot.
Made new food collection system, and conveyor belt mount.
We made 100 goodie bags and worked out some programming for Hornet v2.

2/16/17 Field trip to Red Barn Nursery for product demonstration and interview with Mr. Chuck

Home stretch week –  final week before invitational, meeting as often as possible.

2/21/17 Bees in the news http://www.foxnews.com/science/2017/02/21/declining-honey-bee-population-could-spell-trouble-for-some-crops.html


2/22/17 Finished creating Posters. Still doing modifications to the Hornet V2 robot. Lot of design and programming changes, adding more runs as we shave off time with practice.

2/24/17 Final Night before the big day, still at practice at 8:40pm !


2/25/17 End of season. Not as expected. Robot did not work as expected for some reason. came back home and it ran perfectly again. may be something to do with different friction or table levels? 0,88,36 :(. Came around 29th place.