Our Solution for the Hydrodynamics challenge is to create a smartphone app, (Download Here) and a chemical test strip that can be given away for free at various camping and home stores. people would take these with them where ever they go and take water samples from lakes, creeks , ponds and even tap water, and snap a photo using the app. The app would geotag the photo’s location and upload the reading from the test strip.
On the back end, our engineers would process the uploaded data from millions of uploads across the country to create a water quality map that is dynamically updated in real time using crowd sourced and social media driven campaigns.

We have taken help of an engineer to get an Android app created that uploads photos to our FTP server. we are still in researching about how to process the test strips and also what the test strips should be testing for. (most common contaminants and pollutants).

Gallery of uploads using mobile App